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Project: Vinyl Perfume

Brand: BXL Creative Packaging

Service: Design

Category: Perfume


Liquid perfumes began to become popular from Renaissance, now it has evolved into an art of smell. Vision and smell have always been involved in each other. A smell will pull you back to a warm morning in an instant. The fragrance reflects ones personality and attitude towards life as a mirror. Your temperament and perspective on the world can be shown through perfume.


Perfume must have strong brand attributes in visual design. Whether it is the bottle body or the outer packaging design, the requirements for material and craft are relatively higher. How to find a balance between vision and smell is the biggest test for the designers. Excellent perfume brands have invested a lot in brand building and communication so that consumers can enjoy the joy and confidence brought with vision and smell.


The classic shape of vinyl was originated in 1877. While the recording medium may constantly change, one thing won’t- our love of listening to it. Its been a constant since Edison first produced his scratchy recordings on tinfoil. Just as the movie, The Current War, shown to us, that phonograph was Edison’s favorite invention because he can hear his wife’s voice even after her death. It can preserve beautiful memories. Whether it is an erudite man or an elegant lady, they have a special feeling for it. BXL Creative designers take the vinyl record player as a blueprint, combining feelings and practicality, perfectly presenting the details of the record player. The wood texture and the matte texture echo each other. While opening the vinyl perfume, the feeling is like hearing the charming music come from the metropolis, accompanied by the smell of flowers floated from memories.


The simple but elegant box perfectly matched with the textured vinyl bottle. The illustration in the middle of the box is a girl wearing a bouquet, with her mind handed over to good memories bringing back with music, many voices and faces are carved into time. This fashion of retro style is with a high-quality attitude, it indicate that natural and elegant life is as beautiful as jade.

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